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mujeres encueradas de 18 old panochas mojadas records all time as Responsible Pharmacist in real time

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macgra        Absences automatically logged
      Records secure transfer of CD keys

Records essential information for safe sale
       Staff present (recalls on next visit)
       Staff qualifications (recalls on next visit)
       Staff hours (printed on daily log)

Records information for safe storage
Fridge temperatures

Full Responsible Pharmacist Log produced for every shift worked
      Log can be emailed, faxed or posted.
      Automatically stored
      Shows pharmacist name qualifications and contact info
      Time in time out and absences with reasons
      Fridge temperatures
      Staff in attendance and qualifications
      CDs issued with balances (anonymous)
      CDs received with balances
      Full rage of exceptional events can be recorded

Records all bookings
      Stores date booking made
      Postcode and location of pharmacy
      Date to be worked
      Who placed booking
      Estimated items
      Reports clashes
      Booking notes eg special rates directions etc
      Record holidays and religious holidays
      Make recurring bookings by day, month, week

Records all cancellations
      Who cancelled
      Date of cancellation
      Reason for cancellation

Records full pharmacy details
      Telephone Number
      Fax or Email address
      Items estimate (updated on each visit)
      Mileage for round trip

Manages billing, invoicing and payment
      Fees stored for pharmacy or group
      Fees automatically applied
      Special individual rates easily applied
      Fees variable by time
      Records mileage rate and auto calculates claim
      Expenses recorded for each shift worked
      Automatic bill calculation
      Easy transfer to spread sheet or word processor
      Shows value of work completed
      Shows all work billed with value
      Records all work paid for with value

Fully flexible reporting
      Select dates to report
      Calculate totals by Pharmacy, group, agency
      Report on all mileage for whole year, tax year, quarter, month or week
      Report on outstanding billed work by pharmacy, group, agency
      Find out which agency gave you the most paid work

Full list of CDs preloaded for quick recording

It all works on the cheapest of Notebooks or laptops and is fully windows compliant ....                   2000, XP, Vista and Windows7

PharmaLog on Notebook


Access the eDrug Tarrif.  Make an electronic search, finding those elusive appliances and dressing takes only a fraction of the time. PharmaLog I is a tool that creates an unchangeable, indelible record of your activity as the Responsible Pharmacist. 

Any inspection will show you have ascertained the qualifications of the staff, recorded your time, kept a diary of bookings, for good measure made brief notes about the (non FP10MDA) Controlled Drugs supplied and comments on exceptional events.mujeres encueradas de 18 old panochas mojadas   Then send a copy to the pharmacy by Email or fax.


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